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Flexible Shaft With Nylon Casing for Air Ducts
Code: GTC-704-C
Flexible shaft with Nylon casing for removing Light to Medium Deposits in Horizontal Ducts, up to 460mm (18\") ID.

Available dimensions are:
GTC-704-12-C = 3,7 m
GTC-704-17-C = 5,2 m
GTC-704-25-C = 7,6 m
GTC-704-35-C = 10,7 m
GTC-704-45-C = 13,7 m
GTC-704-60-C = 18,3 m
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 4 - 18
Tube Type: Round, rectangular or square ducts
Application: Removing Light to Medium Deposits from Horizontal Air Ducts
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 100 - 460
Lenght (m): 3,7 - 18,3
To be used with
Duct Fan Action Cleaning Machine (AQ-R1500B-A)
Tech tips
To order flexible shaft(s), determine duct configuration(s) and lenght of longest section(s) to be cleaned. Order flexible shaft(s) to correspond with configuration(s) and lenghts. Please consult the supplier for longer flexible shafts if required.

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