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The 'Patriot' Dual Diameter Nylon Brush
Code: ENN-Q
For tubes 5/8" (15.9mm) I.D. Recommended for removing soft and light scale deposits in straight, ferrous and nonferrous internally enhanced tubes. The large diameter end of this brush cleans into the grooves while its small diameter end cleans the lands of the tube's rifling.
Available with thread coupling, for ordering dismiss the 'Q' in the product's code.
Available on two dimensions, codes are as follows:
ENN-062-Q - for tubes with 5/8" ID
ENN-090-Q - for tubes with 15/16" ID
Application: Soft Deposits
Tube Type: Internally Enhanced Tubes
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 5/8 or 15/16
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 15,9 or 23,8
Packaging (PCS/Unit): 25
To be used with
Rotary Tube Cleaner 4 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100X)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP with Chemical Injection (RAM-6A)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4XA)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 0.75 HP with Speed Feeder and Speed Control (RAM-5DCA)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 0,5 HP (RAM-4A-50-R)
Portable Rotary Tube Cleaner 0,5 HP (I-RAM-EX-100)

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