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Dry Pickup Attachement
The GTC-DPA can be used with the AWT-100, AWT-100X, RAM-4X and RAM-4X2A Tube Cleaners for the recovery of dry deposits. After connecting the vacuum the operator simply inserts a special dry application flexible shaft (GTC-721, GTC-721G or GTC-821) through the Dry Pickup Attachment and into the tube. While the operator feeds the rotating shaft through the tube, the cleaning tool breaks up deposits which are immediately pulled into the vacuum drum. Note: Dry Pick-Up Attachment requires a Bayonet Nossle to insert into tube. Select Bayonet Nozzle by tube O.D. from the listing at BFN-152S or BFN-152SA codes.
Packaging (PCS/Unit): 1
Application: Firetube Boiler Cleaner
To be used with
Rotary Tube Cleaner 4 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100X)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 2 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4X2A-50)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4XA)

Revolutionary Speed for Large Tubes Bundles
Rotary Tube Cleaner 0.75 HP with Speed Feeder and Speed Control

Code: RAM-5DCA
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