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Rotary Tube Cleaner 0,5 HP
Code: RAM-4A-50-R

With the RAM-4 in your arsenal, you're backed by 32 years of proven tube-cleaning performance. Now, at it's fourth generation, the RAM-4 includes an array of interchangeable cleaning tools designed for a variety of situations, and applications. It was never so easily to clean tubes and restore system's performance.

With our tools, you could safely and effectively scours debris away without damaging the walls. A casing around the shaft feeds water to the rotating tool, flushing out deposits as they are loosened.

The RAM-4 is one of the most effective weapons you can use to optimize your systems power requirements.
The RAM-4 is now delivered as standard with Reversible Shaft Rotation.
> Simple to operate - Minimal training required
> Stainless steel construction - Long life
> Integrated dolly - Easy to move
> Interchangeable cleaning tools - Versatile
> Simultaneous water flush - Removes deposits easily
> Foot switch activation - Safe operation
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 6,4 - 25,4
Total Motor(s) Power (HP): 0,5
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 x 50 x 4,5
Water Requirements (Bar@L/min): Min. 2,1@7,6
Shaft Speed (rpm): 862,5
Shaft Feed Method: Manual
Flexible Shaft Max. Lenght (m): 22,9
Variable Shaft Speed: No
Reversible Shaft Rotation: Yes
Chemical Injection: No
Special Feature 1: Water Flush
Dimensions (HxWxD / HxDiam) mm: 940 x 510 x 430
Weight (Kg): 24,0
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 1/4 - 1
Tube Type: Smooth Bore Tubes and Enhanced Tubes
Application: Chillers/Condensers/Heat Exchangers
Heavy-Duty Contractor Dolly (RAM-DOLLY-C)
Tech tips
"I've been in the business for over 20 years, and the Goodway's RAM-4 Tube Cleaner is far superior to any other units I have used"

Ken Koone / Owner, Apex Marine, Hillard, FL, USA

In a 400-ton chiller, operating 500 hours/year at 50% average load with power cost of 0,1 US$ kWh, a fouling factors of 0,0015 lower it's efficiency at 94% and the electrical power required above clean tube condition is with 11% higher?
On same conditions, at a fouling factor of 0,0045, the efficiency is down at 36% and the electrical power required above clean tube condition is with 44% higher!

Tough on Deposits, Easy on Tubes
SpeedClean Flexible Shaft for 11,1 - 12,7 mm ID

Code: SC-TC-S02
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