Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP with Chemical Injection (RAM-6A)

The same features that make the internally enhanced tubes more energy efficient cause them to become clogged with performance zapping deposits. Namely, the lands and grooves favor the buildup of sludge and other system pollutants. For dealing with those problems, the RAM-6 Tube Cleaner is the ultimate rotary tube cleaning machine. When used with a "Patriot" Dual Diameter Brush, the advanced features of this machine allow it to thoroughly clean even the most fouled internally enhanced tubes.

This versatile unit features a full 1 HP (1.1 kW), variable speed drive motor, a cleaning solution injection system and a separate 500 PSI (35 BAR) pump that delivers a 8,3 L/min power flush. When cleaning internally enhanced tubes, the operator can adjust the shaft speed to match the internal spiral of the tube, causing the brush to be "self" propelled through the tube. It is ideal for removing both soft and hard deposits from internally enhanced as well as smooth bore tubes/pipes up to 1" (6.4-25.4mm) I.D.

The RAM-6 uses a cleaning tool mounted to the tip of a flexible shaft. The unit feeds high pressure water through the casing to the cleaning tool, power flushing out deposits as they are loosened.
If the cleaning solution injection system is activated, the unit automatically feeds a mixture of cleaning solution and water through the casing to the cleaning tool as the shaft is fed into the tube. When the shaft direction is reversed, the unit switches to a water only power flush, leaving the tubes thoroughly cleaned.

RAM-6A is delivered with followings: contractor dolly, tool storage box, two-direction foot switch and a bottle of 3,8 liter of tube cleaning solution.
> Simple to operate - Minimal training required
> Stainless steel construction - Long life
> Speed control to set shaft rotation at optimum speed for each application
> Interchangeable cleaning tools - Versatile
> Integrated heavy-duty contractor dolly with large pneumatic tires - Easy to move
> Simultaneous cleaning solution injection and water flush - Removes deposits easily
> Foot switch activation - Safe operation
> Reversible shaft rotation
Application: Chillers/Condensers/Heat Exchangers
Tube Type: Smooth Bore Tubes and Enhanced Tubes
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 1/4 - 1
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 6,4 - 25,4
Total Motor(s) Power (HP): 1,5
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 x 50 x 7,5
Water Requirements (Bar@L/min): Min. 2,1@8,3
Shaft Speed (rpm): 200 - 800
Shaft Feed Method: Manual
Flexible Shaft Max. Lenght (m): 22,9
Variable Shaft Speed: Yes
Reversible Shaft Rotation: Yes
Chemical Injection: Yes
Special Feature 1: Up to 34 BAR @ 8,3 L/min output water flush
Dimensions (HxWxD / HxDiam) mm: 1.170 x 610 x 460
Weight (Kg): 47
To be used with
Tube Cleaning Solution (R6-Cleaner)
The 'Patriot' Dual Diameter Nylon Brush (ENN-Q)
Tech tips
"The Alief School District purchased the RAM-6 Tube Cleaner last year. The tubes on the condenser barrel where almost completely clogged with scale. With the help of this machine, and the help from Service Department at Goodway, we were able to clean all the tubes and get the chiller back in line. Goodway has all kinds of brushes and drill bits to fit the RAM-6 to complete your job"

John D. Proffit
HVAC Foreman
Alief School District, Alief, TX, USA

Jim Lacina, chiller technician for Fresh Meadow Chiller Services, knows something about cleaning tubes - he's been doing it for 26 years. "Don't forget, in the old days you had to rod the tubes, and then you'd flush them. You'd have a guy at each end of the machine. One guy would push the rod into the tube, and the other guy would grab it at the other end and pull it out. Then you'd flush the tube out with water."

But the primitive method took a logn time. "Oh, forget it - weeks! With Goodway's automatic machines it's just a few days. And now you don't mind cleaning them, either. It's good, especially if you're getting old." he laughs. "I wish the young people could see how we used to do it."

Fresh Meadows uses Goodway RAM-5 and RAM 6 tube cleaners. "We just bought two new machines - altogether we have about five. The time savings add up quickly when you're cleaning large cchillers. We are talking 2500 tube in each section - 5000 on a machine." he explains. "We start job with two men to drop the heads, but then it's a one man job. Plus, if you have a really dirty tube you can go back and forth coulple times to clean it out."

Fortunately, the RAM's are built to clean a lot of tubes. "Oh, my God, I'm surprized they hold up so well. We clean a bazillion tubes a year 0 they definetly get their use. I'm on a job right now where we have 50000 tubes. Yeah, and it's just one building. We've got another job over on 72nd street with another 30000."

Jim Lacina
Technician Fresh Meadow Chiller Services
Fresh Meadows, NY, USA


About Cleaning Internally Enhanced Tubes!

The RAM-6 is equipped with a reversible motor for cleaning internally enhanced tubes. The two-direction foot switch permits forward rotation for entering the tubes and reverse rotation for exiting.
While the design of the brush and the spiral in the tube cause the brush to be "SELF" propelled through the tube, the variable speed of the RAM-6 allows you to set the flexible shafts speed to match the natural feed rate of the spiral in your tube, preventing slip and allowing the brush to thoroughly clean both the lands and the grooves of the tube. Our "Patriot" Dual Diameter Nylon Brush (ENN) is designed to provide maximum cleaning on internal enhanced tubes.
Also, we can provide a special cleaning solution for use with RAM-6. Low foaming, biodegradable solution for a better cleaning.
Send us a message or fill the Quiz for information and to get help on choosing the right brush for your application.