RAM-PRO-XLA - Rotary Tube Cleaner (RAM-PRO-XLA)
The RAM-PRO-XL is an innovative new tube cleaner that utilizes TubeGuard technology with a custom formulated tablet designed specifically for chiller tubes.

The XL version is the more powerful big brother of the popular RAM-PRO, introduced 2 years ago. The TubeGuard tablet dispenser along with the variable shaft speed control and reversible shaft rotation makes it the most advanced portable tube cleaner available today.

The RAM-PRO-XL works with high quality Goodway quick connect shafts and brushes and adds TubeGuard technology to deliver the best cleaning of straight and enhanced tubes in a large variety of chiller brands and models.
> On-Board TubeGuard dispersion system;
> Heavy-Duty roll cage construction with integrated dolly;
> 0.372 kW motor;
> Direct Drive;
> Quick connect threadless shaft manifold;
> Interchangeable cleaning tools;
> Variable shaft speed;
> Reversible shaft rotation;
> Simultaneous water flush;
> Power cord and foot pedal storage.
Total Motor(s) Power (HP): 0.5
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 V x 50 Hz x 3 amps
Water Requirements (Bar@L/min): 2 BAR @ 7.6 L/min
Shaft Speed (rpm): Variable 0-900
Shaft Feed Method: Manual
Variable Shaft Speed: Yes
Reversible Shaft Rotation: Yes
Chemical Injection: Yes (TubeGuard)
Dimensions (HxWxD / HxDiam) mm: 508 x 406 x 660
Weight (Kg): 25
Tube Size Range (mm ID): < 25.4 mm ID
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): < 1
Application: Chiller tubes cleaning