Scale Removing System with Chemical Circulation (GDS-15A-PH)

In the past, users of scale removal chemicals have had to rely on rudimentary recirculating pump systems that are awkward to use and require constant attention when operating. There has been a great need for a system that is specifically designed to accurately deliver chemicals into heat exchanger equipment and monitor the effectiveness of scale removal.
The unique features of Goodway’s GDS-15-PH Scale Removal System enables the operator to easily remove energy-robbing scale buildup from their heating and cooling equipment. After connecting the inlet and outlet hoses to your shell and tube heat exchanger, it is a simple matter of allowing the machine to circulate the chemical and water. With the integrated chemical pump drawing directly from the container, there is no need for user contact. It will automatically evaluate the pH level as the scale breaks down and injects additional chemical as needed. This allows the operator to leave the entire system in place, so that other tasks can be performed while the cleaning is taking place. When the process is completed, the neutralized waste water is safely flushed down the drain.

This automatic Scale Removing System is delivered as follows:
- GDS-15-PHA machine
- Two circulation hoses, 4,5 m long
- 57 litre venting drum
- 0.47 litre pH probe storage solution
- five pH 7.01 calibration packets
- four pH 4.01 calibration packets.
Carrying / transport: on casters
Chemical handling ability: Yes
Max Output (l/min): 10 m from head @ 113
Also included: 2 circulation hoses, 4.5 m long
Total Motor(s) Power (HP): 0,75
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 x 50 x 5,5
Dimensions (mm): 1220 x 660 x 838
Pump Type: Noryl centrifugal main pump and positive displacement diaphragm chemical pump
Special Feature 1: On-board pH level monitor
Weight (Kg): 57
Flushing capability: Yes