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Flexible Shaft with Quick Connect, for 17,5 - 25,4 mm ID
Code: GTC-704Q
Flexible shaft for tubes from 15,9 - 25,4 mm ID (5/8" - 1"), Wet/Dry Application.
The GTC-704 Flexible Shafts have the casing O.D. of 14,28 mm (9/16"), and the Tool End Thread of 1/4-28.
GTC-704 is also available with standard threaded tool coupling. To order leave off "Q" in the part number.

When used with RAM-5SF, a special shaft stop is required. To order, add suffix "R5" to the part number.

Available dimensions are:
GTC-704Q-12 = 3,7 m
GTC-704Q-17 = 5,2 m
GTC-704Q-25 = 7,6 m
GTC-704Q-35 = 10,7 m
GTC-704Q-45 = 13,7 m
GTC-704Q-60 = 18,3 m
GTC-704Q-75 = 22,9 m
> Abrasion Resistant Blue Nylon Casing provides high visibility for safety and a toughest exterior to withstand hars industrial environments.
> Internal Lubricated Shaft Insert molded out of a self lubricating material reduced friction and increases shaft life.
> Metal Nut provides a secure connection to the drive unit without any concern for breakage.
> Unique Stain Relief System custom molded with a variable thickness allows for gradual radial bend that is far more superior to a coiled wire.
> Shaft Stop which can be positioned along the shaft lets you know when the end of the tube has been reached.
> Quick Connect Tool Coupling allows you to change brushes and tools up to 30 times faster than on shafts with threaded connections.
>Galvanized Spring Steel comprised of multiple counter rotated windings provides unmatched performance and long durability.
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 5/8 - 1
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 15,9 - 25,4
Lenght (m): 3,7 - 22,9
Quick Connect: Yes
Application: Wet/Dry Smooth Tube Cleaning Applications
Flexible Shaft Repair Kit for Standard Shaft (REP-701/702/703/704-KIT)
Flexible Shaft Repair Kit for Standard Shaft with Quick Connect (REP-702Q/703Q/704Q-KIT)
To be used with
Portable Rotary Tube Cleaner 0,5 HP (RAM-PROA-50)
RAM-PRO-XLA - Rotary Tube Cleaner (RAM-PRO-XLA)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP with Chemical Injection (RAM-6A)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 0.75 HP with Speed Feeder and Speed Control (RAM-5DCA)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 0,5 HP (RAM-4A-50-R)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 4 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100X)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100)

Service Kit for RAM-PRO

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