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Tube Cleaning Solution
Code: R6-Cleaner
The R6-Cleaner is specifically formulated for use with RAM-6. It is low foaming and has a neutral PH for non-corrosive cleaning and safe handling. The solution is biodegradable and phosphate free, allowing for easy waste disposal. It is free rinsing and will not leave any interfering residues. When used in conjunction with the RAM-6, this powerful solution will provide a more thorough cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous tubes.
Application: Tube Cleaning
Chemical Packaging (L x Unit): 3,8l x 4
To be used with
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP with Chemical Injection (RAM-6A)

It's Like Having a Tube Cleaner for a Right Hand!
Portable Rotary Tube Cleaner 0,5 HP

Code: RAM-PROA-50
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