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Commercial Vapor-Steam Cleaner
Code: GVC-1502A
The GVC-1502 Vapor Steam Cleaner delivers powerful cleaning, sanitation and disinfection performance in a small, portable and easy-to-use package. Using standard tap water, this unit produces dry vapor steam with an adjustable pressure of 0-6 BAR and an output temperature of 140 °C that quickly removes dirt, grease, bacteria, and grime.
It's high heat also kills bacteria, fungus, viruses, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms with a few seconds of contact time, not minutes like traditional chemical disinfectants. Plus, an integrated chemical injection can increase cleaning performance even more. While the adjustable pressure allows the operator to release sufficient vapor-steam to thoroughly clean any surface without reduced visibility, the unit's chemical-injection system provides for additional cleaning power.

Use in a variety of industrial applications including food and beverage production, manufacturing, and steam cleaning HVAC coils. The unit comes with a full assortment of cleaning tools and accessories to cover a wide range of applications. GVC-1502 Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner includes: - GVC-1502 Vapor-Steam Cleaner with 1,500 W boiler, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
- 0,2 m hose with a pistol grip
- soap container
- 1-gallon bottle of cleaner.

Included accessory kit contents:
- Two-piece 93 cm wand
- 28 cm floor brush
- 12.5 cm triangular brush
- 25 cm squeegee tool
- 16,5 cm curved lance
- 5cm circular nylon brush
- three circular nylon scrubbing brushes
- three circular copper scrubbing brushes
- three circular stainless steel scrubbing brushes.
Observation: The machine may has to be certified for certain countries by the local authorities for pressure vessels.
> Kills microorganisms within seconds
> Stainless steel construction - Long life
> In operation refillable water tank - Continuous steam
> Stainless steel boiler - No depressurization needed after use
> Adjustable dry vapor-steam pressure - Matches application
> Chemical-injection - Additional cleaning power
> Multiple cleaning tools - Ideal for flat surfaces, cracks, and crevices
> CE Certified
Weight (Kg): 26
Application: Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaning
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 x 50 x 6.5
Chemical Tank (L): 5
Water Tank (L): 5
Boiler Capacity (L): 3
Output Steam Pressure (BAR): 6
Output Steam Temperature (ºC): 140
Dimensions (HxWxD / HxDiam) mm: 94 x 33 x 54

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Code: DCS
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