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There are a lot of companies which provide all kinds of Industrial Maintenance Equipments. What separates Goodway Technologies Corp from them, what stood up on the quest for a better maintenance services, what makes the first choice for maintenance engineers when they choose Goodway? Here is the answer. Goodway is your own shop, testing lab and professional tools supplier. No matter you need standard or special designed tools or equipments. Send us an inquiry, and you'll be pleased to find the solution we have for you. How so? Each week of each year, we gather informations from you, from our customers, regarding your needs, and we update our equipments to suit your application. You need something which is not in the catalog? No problem at all, we'll make the equipment, tool or accessory for you, as you wish. And we'll make it better and quicker than anybody else. Contact us for details. Because we are always in luck of time, our equipments are designed for quick and easy service, almost all equipments having Service Kits, which allows you, without shipping to a service center, to repair your machine in minutes. For example, the repair of a QS-300 could be done in about 5-10 minutes. But before needing changes, you may shoot several hundred thousand times before needing to change some gaskets. Spare parts you may find in the Product section. If you own a Goodway Equipment or accessory, in the Operating and Maintenance Instructions brochure, you'll find at least one drawing with the codes of parts that compose the machine. Many of them are not listed on the site, but please register in My Account with the serial number of the equipment, and send us an inquiry for the spare part you need. In top 24 hours, you'll get to provided email the offer and delivery time for that part(s). Don't you know what's best equipment for your application. Please Contact us. If you need a tube cleaning solution, please fill the bellow Quiz and send it to us. We'll be able to find out the best solution for you.

Tube Cleaning Solution Quiz
*Company *Address
*Country * *City
*Name *Title
*Phone Fax
*E-mail Web
Instalation / Equipment
Condenser Heat Exchanger Fire Tubes
Tube I.D. No of Tubes
Tube length Tube Wall Thickness
Tube Material Horizontal (Y/N)
Straight (Y/N) Type and radius
Type of Deposits
Type of Deposits Max. Thickness mm
Please describe any tube cleaning problems you had encountered Present Used Cleaning Method
* Describe your Installation or mark with an X if Condenser or Heat Exchanger. Please call me to discuss regarding the cleaning solution you propose. The best day and time to reach me is
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:00 - 10:00 10:00 - 12:00 12:00 - 14:00 14:00 - 17:00
Other EET (GMT+2) CET (GMT+1)

Air Power, Large Capacity, Wet/Dry Recovery
HEPA Anti-Explosion Air Powered Vacuum

Code: VAC-EX-AV-25SS
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