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Air Powered Vacuums


The use of air powered vacuums in industrial settings has become wide spread throughout the years. There are several reasons for the popularity of air powered vacuums – there are no moving parts to wear out, they present no electrical shock danger, they can run for long periods of time without stopping, and they provide better performance characteristics than electric vacuums in most cases.

Goodway has enjoyed good success providing high quality industrial air powered vacuums to businesses in many industries including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, textiles, printing, maritime and metalworking operations.

In the chemical and pharmaceutical areas, the primary application for the air vacuums is powder recovery as part of either the production process or packaging process. In many cases air vacuums were chosen for safety reasons (no electricity).

Three predominant applications arose among the machining/manufacturing customers - coolant recovery, chip removal, and recovery of paint and powder coatings. The industrial vacuums are used throughout the day in most cases.

Coolant and chip recovery are important to these customers because of stricter regulations governing disposal. Chips are readily accepted by scrap haulers but coolant is expensive to dispose of. The objective for these customers is to recover, recycle, and reuse coolant as much as possible. In the case of one machining operation where enhanced coolant recovery and recycling methods have cut their disposal costs by over half, industrial air powered vacuums have proven invaluable. Another important use for vacuums there is to remove coolant and chips from cavities in 2000 pound castings that they machine. In the past, these castings had to be hoisted up and tipped upside down to empty the cavities. Not only was this time consuming, but it was also very dangerous. An air vacuum makes quick work of this job.

Some other known applications of air vacuums include picking up ink and paper powder in printing plants, flour recovery in baking facilities, fly ash and coal dust recovery in electrical generating plants, media recovery for sandblasting ships prior to painting, and lint and thread pick up in textile plants. Interestingly, most of these multiple vacuum users started “testing” one air vacuum to see what they can do. Once proven to be the workhorses they are, these users began putting them all around the plant for use in all types of wet and dry product recovery.


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