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Wet Dry Vacuum

Goodway Wet Dry Vacuums are essential for good business.

Goodway wet dry vacuums have saved many businesses time and money. The ability to respond quickly to water damage is critical in corporate, industrial and institutional settings. Carpeted, concrete, cinder-block, porous and/or non-porous floors that are not dried using the assistance of wet dry vacuums within 48 hours are at extremely high risk for mold growth. If the area is not cleaned using a wet dry vacuum and succumbs to mold growth, extensive containment and/or costly restoration efforts may have to be performed before business as usual resumes.

The Goodway wet dry vacuum does everything from general cleaning and liquid recovery to picking up metal scrap and chemicals (as in the VAC-2 best-selling model). Perhaps the most common use for wet pick-up vacuums is spill recovery resulting from process equipment or plumbing failures. Wet vacuums can also be used to speed carpet drying following cleaning and for recovery of other liquids such as inks and oils. Wet vacuums are even used to remove coins from decorative fountains in shopping centers, hotel lobbies and outdoor plazas.

Wet pick-up vacuums are portable and can easily be moved to the flood area and they can be equipped with large capacity tanks and pumps to move the water to a sink or drain both simultaneously while vacuuming and after the tank is filled.

Goodway offers a wide range of wet dry vacuum cleaners and accessories for both commercial and industrial maintenance, including wet dry pump out vacuums, tilt vacuums, and heavy duty industrial wet dry vacuums.

Goodway Wet Dry Vacuums are reliable and easy to use.

Goodway wet dry vacuums cleaners are dependable. The vacuums are constructed of heavy gauge steel, stainless steel, aluminum and high-impact plastic composites for reliability and long life.

Goodway wet dry vacuum cleaners use two-stage or by-pass motors. By-pass motors are constructed so that the impeller housing is sealed and isolated from the motor housing. The motor housing has its own cooling fan which draws clean outside air into the motor housing, preventing the possibility of dirt getting into the motor and reducing the life of wet dry vacuum cleaners.

The two heavy duty motors in each Goodway wet dry vacuum ensure strong suction to finish every clean up job right the first time. Also, each Goodway wet dry vacuum has a liquid shut-off feature to prevent overflow.

The life span of a high quality wet dry vacuum depends on keeping the filter clean, which keeps the motor running smoothly. In order to ensure that your Goodway wet dry vacuum stays in excellent condition, a reusable filter is provided with each unit.

Goodway has a wet dry vacuum cleaner to serve all of your different cleaning applications. Goodway wet dry vacuums combine the features of high flow vacuum cleaners, ideal for cleaning light, dry material, with the technology of high static water lift vacuum cleaners to facilitate heavy duty wet pickup.

We'd like to help you find wet dry vacuum cleaners that can serve both your wet and dry pick-up needs.


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