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Carbon Steel Brush (TCB-C)

Carbon Steel Brushes are recommended for removing soft deposits (mud, algae, etc.) in straight, ferrous tubes. Order brush to correspond to tube ID.
Not recommended for Stainless Steel Tubes.
Codes are as follows:
TCB-050C for 127 mm (5") ID;
TCB-060C for 152 mm (6") ID;
TCB-070C for 178 mm (7") ID;
TCB-080C for 203 mm (8") ID;
TCB-090C for 229 mm (9") ID;
TCB-100C for 254 mm (10") ID;
TCB-110C for 279 mm (11") ID;
TCB-120C for 305 mm (12") ID;
TCB-130C for 330 mm (13") ID;
TCB-140C for 356 mm (14") ID;

Note: TCB Brushes require a #TCB-C Coupling ($8.00) to connect to GTC-720, GTC-721, GTC-721G and GTC-821 Flexible Shafts. (One coupling is supplied with each brush order.)
Tube Type: Smooth bore
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 5 - 14
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 127 - 356
Packaging (PCS/Unit): 1
Application: Soft and Light Deposits
To be used with
Rotary Tube Cleaner 4 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100X)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 2 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4X2A-50)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1,5 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4XA)


Brushes away dirt and debris fast
SpeedClean Tube Cleaner Grit Brush

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