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Flexible Arm Flare Cone Tool (FCT-600)

Flexible Arm Flare Cone Tool incorporates centrifugally activated, serrated coned for removing light to heavy scale deposits in straight, ferrous tubes. Most effective results are obtained if tube is in vertical position when cleaning.
This tool can be used in horizontal or vertical tubes.
The replacement cone code is RCO-100.
The replacement Cone Retainer Bolt is CRB-001.
Packaging (PCS/Unit): 1
Tube Size Range (mm ID): 102 - 305
Tube Size Range (Inch ID): 4 - 12
Tube Type: Smooth bore
Application: Light to heavy deposits
To be used with
Rotary Tube Cleaner 4 HP - Pneumatic (AWT-100X)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 2 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4X2A-50)
Rotary Tube Cleaner 1 HP - Heavy-Duty (RAM-4XA)


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