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ScaleBreaker C20 (CDP020)

This pump is designed to be used for descaling and chemical cleaning for removing limescale, rust and corrosion deposits from heating plants, cooling circuits, or closed systems machineries. Those tank mounted pumps are built to handle the strongest descaling chemicals.

Scalebreaker C20 is designed to be used for domestic and small industrial applications, small plastics machinery.
> High performance to enable descaling of severely fouled equipment.
> Extreme chemical resistance; acid proof pump .
> Descaling chemicals safely contained at all times within integral tank.
> Self priming for ease and safety.
> Compact and portable.
> Integral flow reverser device for faster and more effective descaling.
> No seals to leak.
> Maintenance free.
> Supporting range of Scalebreaker descaling chemicals.
Flushing capability: No
Flow reverser type: Instantaneous
Max Head (m): 14
Chemical handling ability: All commercially available acids, alkaline solutions, chlorine solutions.
Carrying / transport: Integral handle
Hose end fittings: 1/2
Flow and return hoses: 2 x 3 m x 16 mm, reinforced transparent PVC
Also included: 10 part kit of BSP threaded adaptors
Motor rating: Continuous
Degree of protection: IP54
Max Output (l/min): 60
Application: Domestic and small industrial applications, small plastics machinery
Total Motor(s) Power (HP): 0.20
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 x 50
Chemical Tank (L): 20
Operating Temperature (º): 0°C to 50°C
Pump Type: Positive drive centrifugal
Dimensions (mm): 260 x 460 x 540
Weight (Kg): 8 (without hoses)


It's Like Having a Tube Cleaner for a Right Hand!
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