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Scalebreaker HD (AHD)

Highly concentrated descale liquid for rust and limescale deposits
Powerful and economic liquid for use in cleaning heavily scaled equipment, where speed and high solvency power are critical. Rapidly dissolves limescale, and rust.
Contains wetting agents to penetrate heavy deposits.

Safe to use with:
- steel,
- cast iron,
- copper,
- brass,
- most plastics. (Test before use)

Available packagings:
- 5 litre plastic bottle - case of 4 x 5 litre bottle
- 25 litre drum
Comment: Non flammable. Not suitable for stainless steel.
Solubility in water at 20°C: infinite
Max temp (°C): 70
pH at 10% solution: <0.1
Density at 20°C: ca. 1.17 g/ml
Usage rate: 10 to 15% in water
Appearance: Pink / red liquid
Odour: typical HCl
Packaging (PCS/Unit): 5 liter, 25 liter
To be used with
Scale Removing System with Chemical Circulation (GDS-15A-PH)
Scalebreaker C210 Titan (CDP210)
Recirculating Acid pump C92 (GDS-C92)
Scalebreaker C90 (CDP090)
Scalebreaker C40S (CDP040S)
Recirculating Acid pump C40 (GDS-C40)
ScaleBreaker C20 (CDP020)
Scalebreaker C15AFR (CDP015AFR)
Tech tips
Kamco descaling chemicals are comprehensively inhibited to prevent corrosion of equipment being descaled, and incorporate a red to yellow pH colour change to give a visual check on solution strength.

General usage and application notes
As a general guide, the rate at which deposits are dissolved increases withhigher solution temperatures. Lower Scalebreaker use concentrations will require higher water temperatures for best effect.
The prepared solution may be used to soak the equipment to be descaled and cleaned, although the process is significantly faster when the solution is circulated vigorously by means of a suitable pump, such as Scalebreaker tank mounted pumps.
When limescale is being dissolved, carbon dioxide gas is evolved, and may cause foaming, dependent on the amount of scale present. Allowance should be made for the volume of foam when descaling commences. Should this be a problem, add Foambreaker at the recommended dosage.
Descaling may be considered complete when there is no further evolution of carbon dioxide, seen as bubbling in the solution, or in the return hose to a pump, but the Scalebreaker solution is still pink. If deposits have not been completely removed, and yet the solution has changed colour to amber/yellow, either add further Scalebreaker, or repeat the cleaning process.
After the descaling operation, drain the Scalebreaker solution, neutralise with Neutralising Crystals, and dispose of safely. Rinse or flush the escaled equipment thoroughly with clean water.
CAUTION: Scalebreaker chemicals and their solutions are acidic, and therefore suitable protective clothing, gloves, and goggles, should be worn.
Refer to appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet before use. The MSDS is supplied with every delivery from your dealer, in EN or RO.

CAUTION: When descaling with any acid, there is a possibility of flammable hydrogen gas being evolved, and the working area should be well ventilated. Avoid smoking nearby, or any other means of ignition.


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