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Walk Behind Dry Vacuum (DV-RV-3)


The triple motor DV-RV-3 is specially designed to clean large warehouse floors and production spaces in short times. A 711 mm front-mounted floor attachment spreads the suction power wide for extra efficient cleaning power, saving you time. The unit also saves you money by converting to an all-purpose industrial vacuum by simply replacing the floor attachment with a conventional hose or accessory. For easy unloading of the 53 liters collection tank, simply roll it out from under the vacuum unit.

The supplied vacuum consist of:
- The Dry Roll-Vac Vacuum
- The 711 mm front floor attachment
- Filter
- External filter shaker
- 53 liters detachable collection tank
- Handles, casters, tool basket.
> 711 mm wide front mounted floor tool
> Three heavy-duty motors
> Detachable roll-out 53 liters collection tank
> External filter shaker
> Reusable 3 microns pocket filter
> Toolbasket
> 1 1/2", 2" or 3" hoses, on demand.
Filtration 2nd Stage: 0,3 microns HEPA
Noise Level (dBA): 78
Motors: 3
Application: Large floor surfaces vacuuming
Total Motor(s) Power (HP): 4,6
Dry Capacity (L): 53
Air Displacement (L / min): 600
Input Power (V x Hz x Amps): 230 x 50 x 13,5
Special Feature 1: Optional, 1 micron Anti-Static Pocket Filter for First Stage Filtration
Static Water Lift (mm): 2286
Dimensions (HxWxD / HxDiam) mm: 1245 x 521
Filtration 1st Stage: 3 microns Polyester Pocket
Tank Capacity (L): 53
Weight (Kg): 70
Replacement Filter for DV Series (DA-PF-14)
Wet Tool Kit for DV Series (DA-KIT-W)
Anti-Static Filter for DV Series (DA-AH-PF)
HEPA Filter for DV Series (DA-AH-HF)


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